Market Marketing Ltd Customer Charter

Market Marketing seeks to offer the highest possible standards in providing events for our customers, vendors, property owners and management organisations.   We undertake to improve our services constantly by working alongside and listening to all our stakeholders.

This charter sets out our services.  Should there be a problem, there is a system of feedback and a channel to find a resolution as quickly as possible.


Our Mission Statement.

We provide the best possible events with cost-effective methods,

ensuring all legalities are met, and a safe, friendly, shopping environment is created.

 We market markets in the market place



Market Marketing understands that our clients, partners, vendors and customers are part of the event community.  As these communities’ form, we hope that there will be an open involvement of feedback as we develop our service and grow as company.  To this end contact and comments can be made through various means including the social media pages each regular event will have; links to these are placed on the event description.

Comments, suggestions and ideas may be directly sent by email; if they are of a private nature.  There is a complaints procedure available to help to reach satisfactory arbitration.  If you wish to speak directly to the staff, contact can be made with our customer service personnel by text or email and our staff will call back at the times indicated in an email or text reply.

The hub of the company is our website, where our terms and conditions, health and safety and contact information can be found.  Our terms and conditions set out the basis of the services we offer and provide information about the rules and regulations we all have to comply with.

The website will provide information about our events.  We will provide full information about the event, but will also include details of the location, things to see and do in the area, and travel advice where possible.  Alongside this is the booking form to make a reservation, if you are a vendor and wish to attend the event.

Contact details are provided below.

During an event, trained attendants are available for our customers to express any concerns.  They may well be able to clarify a situation directly.  If they cannot resolve the situation or problem then contact should be made with Market Marketing in the way set out below.

The contact us page is your first method of contact.   By using this form, we can reply to you much more efficiently.

You can also email directly to

Please outline the nature of the problem and include your telephone number, should you wish to have a call back, to talk through the problem or express your thoughts and give your comments.

Should a situation not be resolved to the customers satisfaction the Office of Fair trading may be consulted, or the customer my decide to take legal action.

This charter does not affect any statutory rights.