Health and Safety

1. Insurance. Market Marketing recommended that all vendors have public liability insurance. Vendors are entirely at risk if they do not have public liability insurance as the vendor is not in any way covered for any risk from the public using your stand by Market Marketing Ltd. If any member of the public makes a claim against the vendor, the vendor will be liable all for compensation, legal costs, and any damages claimed against them. If you wish to purchase insurance we recommend you click here for more information, and details of our recommended insurance company who offer a standard insurance cover at a cost-effective price.

2. IF a vendor employs anyone to work on their pitch, the vendor must have an employer’s liability insurance certificate, and be able to produce it on request.

3. If there is a change of the vehicle being used on the pitch from the one declared on the booking form, you must inform the attendant that you are using a different vehicle and supply them with the vehicle registration number used on the booking form and the new registration number being used at the venue

4. If the vendor has more people with the vehicle that was declared on the booking form the vendor must inform the attendant of the extra people. There is no extra charge, this is so Market Marketing has an accurate knowledge of how many people are at the event should there be an emergency

5. Vendors are required to take note of the fire escape routes, the location of the assembly point and must follow the instructions of the attendants in the case of an emergency. Any helpers or employees of the vendors must be made aware of fire escape routes, the location of the assembly point and must follow the instructions of the attendants

6. Vendors are entirely responsible for handling and manipulation of the goods brought by them to the event. Precautions must be made to ensure no member of the visiting public is put at risk by the handling and manipulation of their goods, stands or any displays.

7. Vendors must ensure access through the venue is not blocked or restricted to less than 2.5 meters. This minimum allows emergency vehicle access which must be clear at all times.

8. Vendors must not collect more goods for sale from a second vehicle during the time of public access. Any goods, equipment, stands or tables must be in place before the event is open.

9. Vendors must not block any doors, stairs, passages way or escape routes

10. Access to fire points and fire extinguishers must not be obstructed

11. Fire doors must not be propped open.

12. Dangerous, flammable goods are banned.

13. No transferring of fuel between vehicles is allowed

14. No gas canisters or cooking equipment, generators, or freezers are allowed

15. Bags, boxes packages etc. must not be left unattended. Suspicious items may provoke an evacuation of the event whilst the package is examined by the emergency services.

16. If I suspicious bag, box package is discovered, the attendant must be informed immediately.

17. Vendors vehicles must be in a road worthy condition and have at least third party insurance.

18. Speed limits in the parking area are maximum limits, please drive your vehicle at a walking pace and be aware of shoppers who may be carrying heavy or difficult purchases.

19. Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

20. Vehicle engines must be stopped at the earliest opportunity, do not leave an engine running. Only start a vehicle engine when there is a clear exit available and the route is clear to leave immediately

21. Break down assistance must wait until there is clear access, after the public have left the selling area.

22. Smoking anywhere in the building is strictly forbidden.

23. Dogs are not allowed. This is to keep you and the public safe from dog fights, and worse. This avoids health risks from dog mess, which even if removed, the stain and bacteria on the floor remains? Dog urine and territory marking is never cleaned up by dog owners. You must not bring a dog with you as it would have to be confined in the vehicle for the entire duration of the event.

24. If a vendor becomes aware of a health or safety hazard it must be reported to the attendant.