Terms and conditions for Reserving a Pitch

Market Marketing Ltd.

Terms and conditions for Reserving a Pitch

Please read these terms and conditions before clicking on the acceptance box on the booking form.  Clicking on the acceptance box on the booking form and making a reservation indicates you have read and agreed to these terms and conditions.

These terms and conditions are legally binding, covered by UK law, and form a contract between customer (vendors) and Market Marketing Ltd.



Market Marketing Ltd. :-

  1. Will guarantee a reserved pitch at the venue purchased on the booking form in return for full payment at a price stated on the booking form. Unless otherwise stated or negotiated, the choice of the pitch location will be made by Market Marketing Ltd.
  2. Will provide automated receipts
  3. Will not share customers details with advertising companies or other such third parties
  4. Will conform to the UK data protection act
  5. Operates a full refund policy for events cancelled by Market Marketing
  6. If an event is cancelled by either party, an option to have a new reservation instead of a refund, at customers choice, will be offered
  7. Will refund customer cancelled bookings only with a minimum of two weeks’ advance notice
  8. Should the event be cancelled by Market Marketing a full refund of the reservation fee will be made, or if preferred, an alternative reservation date would be offered.
  9. In the event of cancellation of an event which is entirely beyond the control of Market Marketing Ltd. a refund of the reservation may not be made, in all cases a free alternative reservation date would be offered.
  10. Prices for the event will be clearly presented on the booking page. Payment to Market Marking does not include the car parks entry fee.  We will endeavour to show the cost of entry to the carpark using the information provided to us by the car park owner or management.  Market Marketing take no responsibility for the accuracy for this information, which may be subject to error or change by the owners or management of the car park.
  11. Will provide publicity material on the website to be downloaded and used by vendors with copyright permission to print and display such posters
  12. Will operate a best practice policy to provide a safe and pleasant selling environment.
  13. Will operate a proactive surveillance policy against illegal practices, counterfeit or stolen goods, faulty or dangerous goods
  14. Accepts no liability or responsibility for any crime committed against the vendor or Market Marketing Ltd. customers
  15. Will conduct risk assessments at each venue
  16. Has a complaints procedure and will endeavour to resolve complains as quickly as possible, to the satisfaction of both parties.

The customer agrees :-

  1. Should any of the following rules be compromised, Market Marketing Ltd. reserves the right to terminate the reservation and ask the vendor to leave the venue, (close the stand, stop selling) and return to collect their vehicle after the event is finished. If there is a contravention of criminal or civil law the Police will be informed.  There will be no reimbursement of fee if the vendor contravenes any of these terms and conditions, rules or laws outlined below.
  2. To accurately and honestly provide the information on the sales form. The vehicle registration number must be supplied as it is essential to prove a payment has been made for pitches to be reserved.  Proposed numbers of people in the vehicle is required for fire and safety.
  3. Vendors must take notice of height restrictions on the venue information and booking form, and not attempt to bring vehicles over these stated height restrictions. No refund will be made if a vehicle is over the height restriction and cannot enter the event.  Market Marketing Ltd. will not be responsible for damage to any vehicle caused by being over the height restriction.  Height restrictions include any good or materials on the vehicles roof, including radio ariels, roof bars attached to the roof, spoilers or similar.  Vendors will be responsible for any damaged to the venue building or other property, including consequential costs caused by ignoring the height restriction.
  4. The payment receipt can be printed out to show security on arrival, or the payment receipt on the vendors portable device, iPhone, tablet or other device must be shown to prove payment has been made and a reserved space should be available.
  5. Pitches are reserved by making the payment. At present, there is no choice of which pitch will be allotted by the staff.
  6. Market Marketing Ltd. Accepts no responsibility for the vendors vehicles, their insurance cover or any damage to the vehicle that is caused by a third party. All responsibility for the car or vehicle is the vendors.  Every vehicle brought to the event must have at least third-party insurance and must be in a road worthy condition.
  7. Vendors and traders will follow the directions of the supervisors, wardens, and security staff representing Market Marketing Ltd.
  8. Vendors will have to pay a parking entry fee set by the car park owner or management. Market Marketing makes a charge for the parking bay pitch, but has no part of the car park charges and cannot under any circumstances make any refund on the part of the car park owners or management.  If there are any complaints about the car park charges or related problems, the contact details of the owners or management company will be available on request through Market Marketing Ltd., website complaints procedure page or from a display placed by the owners or management company in the carpark.
  9. Vendors have no right to use empty pitches if they have not paid for them. A late payment for the pitch can be made using the Market Marketing Ltd. website.  The event security will ensure payment is made for use of empty pitches.
  10. Late arrival at the event. If the entry closing time of the event, shown on the event information page,  has passed when the vendor arrives the vendor will not be admitted to the event sales area, no refund of payment will be made to late arrivals.
  11. No part of the venue other than the designated pitches may be used by vendors.
  12. No stock, good or materials can be stored in any part of the venue, either loose or in other vehicles parked elsewhere other than the designated sales area where pitches have been allocated.
  13. No vendor can seek to bring any equipment, goods or sales items into the sales area once the event is open. This includes extra stock stored in another part of the building, outside the building, or in a car not on the event area.
  14. No vehicle can be removed from the event until the public (buyers) have left the event area and the event has been closed.
  15. The vendor is responsible for keeping any display, stand, display table or any equipment they bring to the event in good condition and it must not to be placed in a position to cause an obstruction or danger hazard.
  16. Vendors must keep all access ways, pedestrian passages and walkways clear of their goods, sales items and materials. The directions of the security or supervisors must be followed if asked to remove such items.
  17. The event closing time must be observed. Goods and materials must be removed to allow passage to other vendors who may wish to leave the sales area.  Vendors may choose to remain in the bay after the closing time, unless otherwise directed, but must have removed all their possessions to allow free and easy exit from the event, for other vendors to facilitate safe passage.
  18. No dangerous chemicals, explosive or flammable substances, acids or alkalis, poisons or gas canisters may be brought to the event, other than petrol, diesel or LPG in the vehicles fuel tank. Note: no charging, refilling or syphoning of fuel tanks to be undertaken at the venue.
  19. No cooking of any food or hot drinks. No ice-cream sales.
  20. No refrigerators or freezers.
  21. Permission to sell cold food and drinks to obtained from Market Marketing Ltd. A list of requirements for selling food can be found on the terms and conditions for food vendors.
  22. No non-disabled Firearms (antiques etc), weapons of any sort, restricted knives, (not kitchen utensils) are strictly forbidden
  23. Market Marketing Ltd. actively operates an anti-counterfeiting, stolen and unsafe goods policy, we reserve the right to inspect any vendor’s goods offered for sale.
  24. Market Marketing actively promotes human rights. The is a no tolerance policy for sexual discrimination, violence, physical or verbal intimidation or racism of any kind or in any form.  Abusive language or verbal menacing of members of the public, customers, other vendors or the security staff will not be tolerated.  In case of infraction members of the public and vendors will be asked to leave the venue, and in most cases the police will be informed of the incident.
  25. No unsafe goods to be sold.
  26. Counterfeit items forbidden.
  27. Stolen goods forbidden.
  28. No generators or electric extension cables. 12-volt lighting systems are accepted
  29. Vehicle engines must be turned off during the event.
  30. No smoking anywhere in the event building.
  31. Vendors must not consume alcohol, drugs, stupefiants, intoxicants
  32. Vendors must not arrive under the influence of alcohol, drugs, stupefiants orintoxicants
  33. Drugs, stupefiants, intoxicants, banned or illegal substances are forbidden
  34. No music to be publicly played or performed. Personnel music on head phones or ear pieces are allowed.
  35. No dogs are allowed at the event.
  36. Children must be accompanied by an adult.
  37. The use of car radios or any audible device is prohibited.
  38. No activity is to be engaged that causes a nuisance to the public or other vendors. Market style calling out of wares and verbal announcements may be made, but should be done in a manner not to cause offence or disturbance to other vendors or the public (buyers). No use of public address systems can be employed.  An atmosphere of a bustling, convivial market is to be encouraged, but a respectful and courteous approach should be maintained by vendors.  Complaints will be investigated by the staff and their judgment is final, and will be in accordance with the complaints procedure to be found on the customer service pages of this website.
  39. All rubbish, packaging or waste products to be removed by the vendor. The reserved bay should be left clean, tidy and clear of any obstruction or spillage.  Failure to comply to this clause will result in a charge for cleaning and removal of waste of at least £100.00.  Vendors are asked to remove any littler dropped by their clients on their stand, or next to their vehicle to keep running cost of the event low, and subsequently the cost of the pitches low.
  40. Declaration of status as market trader or vendor of personal items (car-boot seller) is the responsibility of the vendor. Tax status and account declarations are not the responsibility of Market Marketing Ltd.  Market traders are allowed, but must follow the law regarding such trading, providing guarantees and refunds in accordance with the OFT etc.; Market Marketing is not responsible for clarifying the status of vendors.
  41. Car boot sellers must be aware of the laws defining the status, for example they should not sell new products etc. Market Marketing is not responsible for clarifying the status of vendors.
  42. Should the event be cancelled by Market Marketing a full refund of the reservation fee will be made, or if preferred, an alternative reservation date would be offered.
  43. In the event of cancellation of an event which is entirely beyond the control of Market Marketing Ltd. a refund of the reservation may not be made, in all cases a free alternative reservation date would be offered.
  44. No reservation fee will be refunded if the vendor does not give at least two weeks’ advanced notice of their cancelation of the reservation.
  45. If a vehicle has a mechanical fault and will not start, assistance may be called only after the event has closed, and the sales area cleared.
  46. A complaints procedure is in place and can be found under Market Marketing Ltd. Customer Charter.
  47. Any costs to Market Marketing caused by the actions of the vendors, or any products they bring to the event, will be paid by the vendor.
  48. Market Marketing Ltd. reserves the right to refuse any person use of its website.
  49. Market Marketing reserves the right to refuse a contract with a vendor and terminate any contract made on the website.
  50. Vendors must comply and agree to the terms and conditions of the carpark, building operator, management, event property or owners who provide the parking spaces and charge for use of the building and parking facilities. Market Marketing Ltd. is not responsible for providing these terms and conditions, but will provide details of the carpark, building operator, management, or owners who provide the parking spaces, on request.  Terms and conditions of these operators must be sought by the vendors.


Ecological policy

  1. Market Marketing Ltd. will strive to eliminate waste and promote its activities to minimise detrimental impacts on the worlds ecology
  2. Market Marketing Ltd. is a paperless company. All transactions will be digital, no documents will be printed unless a conformity to a legal requirement is imposed.
  3. All documents, transactions and communications will be stored on Market Marketing’s main computer and on two hard drive back up storage systems. No third-party storage system will be used, such as the ‘Cloud’ etc.
  4. Long journeys by staff will be avoided. Contractors, sub-contractors, supervisors and any personnel will be recruited as near to the venue as possible to eliminate unnecessary travel.
  5. Paperless publicity will be sought, with a minimum use of paper posters.
  6. Recycling waste materials will be undertaken wherever possible
  7. Promotion of ecological practices will be central to the activities of Market Marketing. The very nature of the markets we promote have a real recycling ethos underlying the trade; Market Marketing Ltd. seeks to promote the resale of unused product to avoid the production of new.
  8. Market Marketing seeks to promote methods of trade that minimise global ecological damage by efficiently conducting business practices that avoid waste, both of physical products, energy, and of corporate time.


Food vendors

Because of complex fire, public health and safety and trading conflicts Market Marketing Ltd. does not allow the sale of food at its events, other than sealed cold food and drinks prepared in controlled kitchens and transported correctly.

We are investigating ways


Charities and fund-raising activities

Market Marketing Ltd. is first and foremost a commercial enterprise.  However, whenever and wherever there is a possibility to combine the commercial activities of the company with fund raising events the company will endeavour to promote the activities of WaterAid.

To this end, Market Marketing Ltd. has decided to work in association with WaterAid, to raise funds for the charity and promote their activities.  This will be the focus of the charitable work of Market Marketing Ltd.

There will be many occasions where events will be entirely held for WaterAid, the proceeds of the event, or a high percentage of the proceeds, will sent to the charity, depending on the types of events.

Vendors, traders and fundraisers who wish to promote their chosen charities by buying pitches at Market Marketing events are welcome to do so.  No prior permission to use their pitch for a charity needs to be given to Market Marketing, however, such information would be appreciated as we may be able to assist or co-operate in various ways.  If a vendor or organisation wishes to promote their charity by organising an event in co-operation with Market Marketing an application should be made to this end, using the form which is available on the website.



Market Marketing Ltd. Reserved rights


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